Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


Sometimes maybe... you have a reason to feel paranoid?

But this is a good way to think of a tip.

Normally a tip is easy. There is always something new to write

about or a problem to solve, so the tip comes easy.

This next weeks tip is already written.


or how to know when you are in danger?

Yesterdays problems:

1. would not allow me to send my newsletter.

2. My blog was blocked here and only that page. Nothing else.

3. The USA military looked like they got ambushed on the road, and we had to take a detour.

4. The internet just plain sucked for speed.

People are too friendly. But that is not a problem, but when you are a little on

the nervous side, too many questions is taxing on the mind.

All is working today, and I still smell a rat.

If the USA government is reading this and wants me to listen, or talk, or behave, then please write me an email like the rest of the world. But tell me when or who is blocking my blog...! I am just a poor hobo. That cost me 5 dollars extra in internet time. I could live for 2 days in Thailand for that.

hoboontheroad@ DELETETHIS

But on a brighter note.

I got a great photo of a boy pretending to be Saddam.

He has a big cigar and I will put it up tommorrow.

(Note: Natasha stop donating. You are too generous. Thanks)