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2003-08-28 01:48:00

Well. I have asked Peter about 3 times and confirmed

that he says,

"I don't care."

He will live and probably get mad at me for this statement.

Most people will say and do anything. But they want you

to keep quiet about things. I told,

"You know Peter, I am absolutely dieing to tell them

about the 2 girls."

He says,

"Go ahead."

I thinks he is part of the Gentleman’s agreement that we

will edit out the really stupid and crass parts. And

sadly I do leave out a lot of the really juicy and crappy

parts of life. People get angry when you describe them

in real life with all their idiosyncrasies.

Here is the story of 2 Baghdad girls.

If you read the blog. You may remember when I said

a girl came in the Internet cafe in a world of no women

and was flirting with me. I said to Peter.

"There is a God Peter."

Now what happened is the night before we was to leave the

first time. The 2 girls returned to the Internet cafe.

The prettier one called me over with a wave of the hand.

The point their hand out, and pull down to do this.

Opposite of the USA.

I went over to talk with the two.

Peter eventually woke up and came over.

But a stroke of luck or God maybe giving me a path

away from temptation I ended up with the fat girl.

The one that was much prettier went with Peter.

We did not go anywhere really.

But in an Internet cafe there are a few things that people

are always doing. One is they are chatting with people.

The second in lots of countries is they may be playing

Video type war games. 15 percent only are just writing

emails. Most are surfing the sex site, or chatting up

in what is normally dirty talk or bridging on dirty talk.

So when you friend has a web cam and chats all the time.

The may be having this cyber sex thing.

I am in the 15 percent just writing emails.

Now with the Yahoo Messenger and Hotmail whatever you

call it, these are always running on the machine and I have

to shut them down. But I am the only one ever that is

making a webpage. That is not true. I have met about 4

people in 7 years. I am sure the owners of internet cafes

are doing this also.

These 2 women are chatter.

They have these digital conversations.

The type in a sentence,

and the person replies and types in a sentence

A Chat.

For me it is a form of mental masturbation.

I hate it. I consider it the most boring and absolutely

inane action on earth. That is when I am talking with

just anyone. An anonymous chat. But I have talked

with people that are my friends, and for business

it can be very good to have a cheap dialogue.

Especially when the person can type.

I can type.

The Baghdad girls could not top.

The one I was sitting next to, and she was wanting

to chat with a British boyfriend in Basra. I never

did learn exactly what relationship they had and

really do not care. She was a slut.

But I can type.

She can speak English very well.

She wants me to help her type.

I am going to keep this short as best I can a lot

of people are not going to think that having anything

to do with these women is proper. Remember please.

We would expect by custom and culture to meet only

girls that are very nice, young, unmarried. The married

ones would never even get close.

I can type, so she starts talking and goes.

Say this, say that... Blah Blah Blah.

I despise this. Am getting annoyed but sometimes I am

curious to see how stupid a situation can evolve.

She said to the guy,

"You remember BG?"

She typed in the BG.

She would push over when I could not understand.

I also could not see what I was typing very well.

She was in the seat behind the computer. I was to the right.

She says to me.

I had just sat down. Maybe within 5 minutes.

"You like BG?"

I think she is not saying BG. But I am not going

to sit around and correct this in the way she thinks.

I am in a Muslim country and it could be dangerous to

just very quickly jump to conclusions. I am fully aware

that all customs, taboos, and other things are always violated.

That in reality most countries that all the custom can

be violated in a moments notice. But I am not sure about this

Muslim country. It is not that Muslim because Saddam was the

devil and the head of the country. It is trickle down social

system in many ways. What he will do, then everyone else will


But she is pushy. I do not mean she is polite and manners.

She is slut push. A girl that want to say what she

wants to say. I am sure many of you have no idea.

But the prostitutes in most countries are pushy.

"Mister. You want [email protected]#ky [email protected]#ky?"

She says and pushes. You know what that means.


I am thinking. She means BJ, and I do not want to correct.

Plus is that not steering the witness. If I draw the conclusions.

or start to guess. So I say,

"Tell me!"

She says,

"Blow job, do you want one?"

I sit there.. How shall I react. She is very pushy. I mean real real pushy.

I want to know for lots of reasons how stupid this situation is and

could be. This is sort of an aberration of the culture. I do not care

that there are no girls around in this culture. I would like some balanced

culture, and mostly I would like some girls around because I feel guilty.

When there are no girls around I feel like I am party to a conspiracy to

be a "Macho Jerk." So I feel safe when women are included. Plus men

are on the very stupid side of life most of the time.

So this girl get more direct. Why don't you get room in my Hotel?

I say why. I am in a very good hotel? She is frustrated like,

"You want a BJ, or not?"

( I am trying to keep this PG. Parental Guidance)

This whole conversation has the feeling of a hooker.

Nothing to do with love, she is pushy, and not feminine.

More of the trash of life. But there is a lot of trash in life

and if you want to learn culture. That is part of it.

Funny how I read guidebooks and they leave out 50 percent of any

culture. Oh well. Except for the USA and they make all the

movies about the trash of the culture. Sex and trash sells.

"Survivor Thailand" I apologize. I had never seen the show.

Please forgive me. The island is gorgeous.

OK. Back to the story.

She is reluctantly typing this trash in the computer.

She is chatting with a British guy in Basra that is doing work

or works for the Army or is a Soldier. I do not really know.

Plus who really cares?

She is talking about sex. Overtly or by innuendo. Just a bunch

of sex talk. Then she switches chat to another guy.

There is talk about a BJ in the car on the way to Jordan.

I am very thankful when this all ends.

Peter and Lumetaa come back. The girl next to me was Sarah.

That could be just and adopted name to resemble the western

world. Her mother came in to the internet cafe with her

in full Berka or whatever you call the tent they wear.

"Paklum in Thailand" The name changes by the language.

One word is NEVER correct. Sounds good on TV huh?

So I though she was Muslim.

They both say they are Christian.

"I think they have potty mouths."

I almost never see girls talk this bad.

But we go out the Internet cafe and stand in the street.

This is what they want us to do.

They want us to go to the Arbil Tower. Rent a room each of

us. They will go down to the lobby or restaurant at 12:30

just after midnight an meet us. Who knows what happened then.

We talk, and they talk, and we talk and finally we separate.

I am glad. I feel like I got something on me. Very sticky.

Peter is very excited. Now it is not my right in life to make

judgment for how another person acts or what they believe.

I am not going to get into conversations about how he looks

at love or women, or relationships. I will talk guy talk,

but I sort of let them talk and try to not discuss. People

get very very very angry if you tell them they are being

a little crazy in their concepts of love and sex.

Everyone is an expert on these subject.

But... He is relatively sane as best can be for a Limo driver

for movie stars, and football players etc. That does all sorts

of things in Limos. I guess he is sane. I suppose that is

debatable. He says,

"We stay...?"

He did not force me.

I am thinking about this situation.

We go over to the my hotel that has a great lobby area

and sit and talk for an hour. We both agree that going over

to the Arbil Tower Hotel at 11:00 at night and getting

a room is a little stupid. We are both consummate travelers

and paying for 2 rooms, even for girls is against the travelers

code of money. So this does not happen.

But I have a credo. That says,

"If something good is happening. Change your plans and seize

the opportunity. Do not let my plans and itinerary interfere

with what I say I am going to do to you or to myself."

I should not turn down opportunities.

But I have also agreed to go to Baghdad with Peter.

This is sort of a contract. Not a contract and he would say,

"Who cares."

But then again. If he reads this. He may never talk to me

again. He says who cares. But most really do.

But nonetheless. He has said he does not care. I will tell

him in two days, or if he ask, maybe I will not.

He says,

"I do not care." Live and die by these words.

But maybe I will accept or agree that I have made comments

in my blog that he knows and reads a little that I commented.

If I do not go full hog and say with enthusiasm he may just

get lazy and not read. So as this works itself down the log

he will miss it. Is this manipulative? You bet.

But, he does not care. Bullshit.

If the whole midnight meeting falls apart. The backup deal

with the girls is for us to move the next day and meet at 9:30

for NOT breakfast. We cannot be seen in public with women.

Plus they are with their Muslim mother. Trust me it is even

more stupid then I am writing. I am leaving out most.

So the next morning. I am frustrated and the plan for going

to Baghdad has been delayed again. The Farid driving his

car deal delayed us or me 3 days. The Mosul does nothing Scholars

delayed me. I am feeling sort of weak. Like who cares.

I go to the internet cafe. I feel like the readers of my

newsletter does not care. Very few emails about what I consider

a killer (The electricity in Iraq) I am still waiting for

anyone to say anything. NOTHING. Like who cares if USA

Soldiers get killed. I did a lot of work to collect them

photos of electricity around the world.

No one has even said..."Boo!"

So here I am trying a little to do the right thing and

show a few problems of the world. No one cares. Iraq is full

of problems. I try to earn a couple of buck by selling Postcards.

Nobody even buys one. I have gotten just a few donations for

the newsletter. The numbers of subscribers are not really growing.

I could go on and on. I find that if I am not taking photos of

sex or stupid shit, or telling stories like this, the people

and my readers are full of apathy. The want to hear about the

sex of France. Make it sound wonderful so they can have an excuse

to go.

I write the letters to my readers.

They are below if you are new to this blog or log.

I am still adding the new ones as they come in.

But I got a really big response in reality.

I am very happy here. This is what I like. People getting

involved. Trust me. I almost left that morning.

Why go to Baghdad? Get killed. For what.


You have proven to me on a regular basis. You want this for free.

I am suppose to let you read all this for free.

So I am now in Baghdad.

But that that is not the end of the story of the girls.

I planned on Tuesday morning to leave.

I write the newsletter asking for opinions.

Yes or no on Baghdad. This was not a tally.

I did not take numbers into consideration. I wanted to have

people tell me good reasons. I heard some really good

and excellent opinions on both sides.

But when the one man used the word.

"Witness" it put me over the edge. Someone does need to

witness the bullshit of the world. An honest critic is needed.

I am sure you think I am full of it a lot, but I am honest

as you will ever get on the subject of Baghdad.

I go to the internet.

Write the email to my readership.

Peter comes in and talks and talks about how he is moving

to the Arbil Tower, and he will meet me at 9:30 with the girls.

I just sit and type and listen. I have already paid for my

hotel for one more night and made that decision already,

I say,

"I paid for my room, but that is good for you and your threesome

concept." He had told me of a few encounter...Full Stop.

I do not want to make a person feel guilty.

Especially when they have no way to escape me, sort of abusive in

my opinion. You are reading this of your own free will.

OK. He goes and moves his bags. From the 3 dollar hotel to the

15 dollar 5 star hotel.

I go back to the hotel. Lie around and get mad at CNN for lying.

I would be getting mad at BBC, but BBC is not on now. The hotel

regulates the stations and it is their choice. CNN and BBC are

the only English stations available. I sit around and think.

I am planning my trip back to Turkey and to the beach.

I am the hell out of this shithole racist country.

(The hate Jews and Israel people and basically anyone that

is not from their tribe. Me included.)

That is not true totally, but for 2 percent. Very true and

every bombing proves it. The other just agree to do nothing.

And by doing nothing agree that they can and should kill

people. If you do nothing when a person is being abusive.

You make the gentleman’s agreement that this is OK.

Like listening to a joke about X and not saying anything.

Everyone believes you agree.

It is what I did with Peter. I did not say anything.

So he thinks or thought I agreed.

I am not going to get upset about a guy wanting to shag.

This is natural and the human animal.

I lay around in the Hotel. Wait for some replied I hope

to come in and help me clarify what to do.

I go back to the internet cafe. The day is sort of wasted.

I am OK, and ready to go to Turkey.

I am reading the emails and thinking. Trying to think what

to do. The guy on the "Witness" was one of the first to reply.

We are on the more or less same time. While the USA is 9 hours

behind. Europe is the same more or less.

Peter and the 2 girls come into the internet cafe come in

and want to know what I am doing. They are pushy. I say,

let me talk with Peter. No one respects this, and they keep

asking. I finally say. Have some respect. Peter is doing the

same. He has no respect for this. I walk back to his hotel

with him and we talk while he get his bag to move into the

internet cafe. He is, and has already made up this excuse

that I am having computer problem. I have not disagreed.

I really do not care what they think. I explain to Peter

that I am not happy and not sure what to do. Maybe I just

go back to Turkey and forget this crap. I have not read many

letter yet, and am 75 percent in my mind on the way to Turkey.

Peter is thinking only about his Peter, and wants me to help.

I say Peter, "You are only wanting to get laid."

He talks about all the quirks of this situation. It could be

just the fact that they are using him to pay for the day’s tourist

attractions. We part and agree that he will say that I have

computer problem, or whatnot.

They go off for the day. I go through the day in a quagmire

of making a decision. By the end of the night I have changed

my mind and thought. I am brave. I am capable. I am able.

I am honest. It is my responsibility to do the right thing.

It is my responsibility to witness this event in history.

It is my responsibility to do the right thing. It is just

the right thing to do.

So what am I suppose to say to you readers.

Getting laid or someone else getting laid has something to

do with my decisions. Sorry people. But that is the ugly

truth. I think that the Iraqi people are the most loving

and generous people I have ever encountered. They love

the USA for the most part and it is a "No Pay" zone.

They will give and help you in anyway they can.

But you cannot have the idea or support Israel.

I support Israel and the Palestine’s. I support both.

Not just one side.

I will not take sides to the point where one side can

win their war and exterminate the others. So I am in harms

ways and am not a normal traveler that will feed them or

flatter them by saying what they want to hear.

The story is still going on.

Peter comes into the Internet cafe that night with the girls

I know he wanted to get a haircut, but he said he was not

going to until after Iraq, so he did not look like a soldier.

Iraq is very safe if you stay away from danger and do not

ask or beg for danger. (Drive around in a Caravan)

He comes in and he has a new haircut. It looks real good

and makes him look younger. He is 42. I am not excited

because it is very short and looks more like a soldier.

I am with him and do not want to get mistaken for CIA or

a soldier. I do not look like a soldier. Hair is too long

and I am too old. But this is normal. So just me being me.

This is Peter wanting to be Peter. With this haircut, so

I do not think it is bad. He is just wanting to look like

Peter. He walks away.

I later leave my machine. Walk over to where Peter is

helping Lumetaa to chat. The chubbier girl has found another

man, and I am very happy. A Kurdish guy wanting to nail

the Christian. (All Kurdish are Islamic)

OK. I say to her.

"Good haircut, very good job."

She is nodding and happy. He turns his head toward her

a little. I see the back. I say,

"Turn around."

I go,

"Peter your head is cut like a bowl. You have the white

of you skin showing. She had cut it so short that you

look for sure like a Soldier from the back."

Now this took a lot of work. His hair was pretty long in

back. There was not line before to repeat. She made this line.

I am pissed. What bullshit. He let her cut his hair like a soldier

because his dick was screaming sex. What stupidity. You cannot

just get a haircut like this in 2 minutes. It would take a half

hour and people in the 5 star hotels have mirrors. This is bullshit.

I am now traveling with a guy from the CIA. Every step I take is

with a possible and probably a soldier.

He does the extremely stupid statement. I do not care.

Then other crazy stuff. I am trying to get him to accept.

Peter you look like a Soldier. Why. He says,

"I do not care."

I am thinking you self-centered egotistical bastard.

You do not even think about me. I am with you asshole.

I have had multiple letters saying to not hang around with soldiers.

I agree with them in many ways.

It is really dangerous. I do not have a gun.

I have no deterrent. I am totally defenseless depending on my wit.

This is totally witless.

I go back to my room and do not berate or talk more.

I get up in the morning at 4:30. Peter has already said,

"If I am getting some, I may stay."

I know that he is selfish and he will only do what is best for

Peter. This is normal for travelers. Traveling is a selfish thing.

We do everything for ourselves. He says he has done over 100 countries.

I think he may have. But some pieces are missing.

I wake up and think. If we are driving down the road in a taxi.

A car pulls up along side and has a gun. Everyone in Iraq

has a gun. They will see Peter and think. We rob or kill them.

I think to myself that it is time to ditch him. He is just to

irresponsible for me in Iraq. But he is expecting me to go with him

and has done a modicum of work to do that.

I am ready to go at 5:45. I am packed. Knowing that his culture is

British. The girls wanted to drink. Most British people drink like

fish. He was saying already about later, after breakfast. I had

already drawn the line. I am leaving at minimal of 7:00 and really

wanted to leave at 6:00. I sit down and write 2 notes.

One to leave at the desk of my hotel.

One to leave at the desk of his hotel


It is 5:45. I am leaving.

The haircut and the girls were a bad decision.

The girls go back to Baghdad on Thursday

I have 2 of them. I want him to find one of them.

You can NOT depend upon a hotel to give you a note.

But you have a better chance with 2 hotels.

So maybe he will find the note.

I leave my hotel. Leave the note on the reception

of the Shireen Palace. The boys are sleeping on the floor

of the lobby. Normal crap. 4 Stars.

I go to the Arbil Tower. The reception guy is awake.

I say,

"Pete" point at telephone on the desk.


The boy is slow in the brain. There is only one westerner

in the hotel. I am probably looking for a westerner.

I keep pushing. This takes 5-10 minutes.

I finally say,


The desk writes down the name in Arabic letter.

The do not write down "Peter" they write something that looks

like this


I am looking down at the list of people.

I was under the impression that he was in room 510.

That is what he told me.

The boy finally dials something in the 100 ranges.

Now I was in room 138 on the fourth floor of the Shireen Palace.

So who know. Life is not logical.

Peter picks up. He is not hung-over. I say I am ready.

I in some ways want to ditch him. I in some ways want to

record his haircut so you cannot think I am just another

asshole traveler. He gets ready and we leave. I take a photo

and keep the one note in my pocket. He has no clue how

close I came to ditching him, but

"He does not care." and I am sure he does not. It is his nature.

But I care, and think on how I would feel to get ditched

on the way to Baghdad. It is a statement. And not a good one.

But he has told me at least 30 times in the last few days.

"I do not care."

Fine. You die. Then I do not care.

But in the end. I do not ditch him, and I go against and good

logic and advice. But I also have one last escape. If there

is not a large bus. I can still ditch him. I think he is

afraid, although he is never and will never admit it, but

he does not now want to go in the taxi. He knows that is dangerous.

But there is a BIG bus, with air. Not good, but A/C.

Pete does not have any Saddam Dinars. This is also irresponsible.

Exchanging money could be extremely dangerous. We do not know.

We are told that the whole world hates the Americans.

Even though the contrary is always the case. In Mosul and in

all of Kurdistan. But it is still possible that the world is

totally different in Baghdad.

I took a photo at the desk of the back of his head.

I have a few photos of the back of his head before.

Here is a photo of the back of his head.

Here is a photo of the bus.

I did not take a photo of the girls.

I saw them mostly in the night, and it could be dangerous

for them. They are trying to F##$ the soldiers. That is

definitely trying to aid and help the Americans. That is one

really huge problem. Anybody that I would photograph and put

on the webpage in the worst case scenario could get killed.

If I prove they like the USA. The could get killed by Saddam

or people from any of these Arab and Moslem countries around

that wants anyone that disagrees or support this war to be

quiet. They have done a good job so far, and being that my

webpage is just small in comparision to CNN. They would be

safe, but there is still a chance. I do care. I do not want

to put anyone in danger for gain or fun or money. Maybe myself,

but not others. Note that the soldiers are already in danger.

Pete and me are in Baghdad.

Peter still does not care.

I am happy I got to get all this off my chest and tell you

the complete story. Even if it is only about sex and getting

in the way, or becoming a possible problem. Peter is basically

a good guy, but the haircut thing was him putting himself

in harms way for his Peter. Note as a final answer.

He did not get laid. So he was willing to leave.

He sat around in his room with the two girls all the afternoon

romping on the bed. I guess the did show him their...?

The top part.

So in the end all this crap and he did not even shag them.

When life is more stupid then a movie.

I am sitting here on the 7th floor of a hotel.

The A/C is running. I am typing away on my computer.

I have mini bar fridge in my room.

The swimming pool of the Palestine Hotel is directly below me

and a talk is over to the right. I am basically surrounded

by a tanks and soldiers. Sounds safe. But not really.

There is always the way outside chance of a suicide bomber

on a mission to blow up this foreigners hotel. I would think

if they are smart. They would go for the Palestine Hotel.

It is a soft target, and would convince all the free press

to stay away. Mostly the rich press in that hotel.

I am in the Hotel Al Fanar where all the "Human Shields"

stayed. The did not bomb on this side of the river. The human

shields were on the safe side of the river... hehehe

I guess they did not do their job.

I am safe and very happy I came. I will have to work very

hard to get to the people of Iraq. I am with all the idiot

reporters that hide in the hotel and wait for some action to

happen. But they feel they can say,

"The Iraq people think this, and feel this!"

What bullshit. I am in a full on tourist area.

Full of people that will tell me anything I want to hear.

With a guy down below in front of the Palestine Hotel

selling Snuff, Sex, and torture films of Saddam and his

sons for 1 dollar USA per CD.

Andy the in Baghdad, Iraq

Life is Good.

But life right now is on the more stupid side. I will do my

best to find some normal people that do not want to talk to

me that do not want to be famous. That are not crazies.

Just normal people on the street and see what they think.

Plus keep my eyes peeled on the swimming pool.

To see if any Babes show up.

The bus from Arbil to Baghdad

Palestine Hotel

Army Tank

Swimming Pool

Beggar girl Professional they tell me. Beggar.