Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


2003-08-26 00:26:00

It is obvious that everyone in Iraq wanted Saddam gone except for the

people that were on his payroll. So that question is answered.

The only possible question is,

"Is Baghdad the same as Mosul?"

But the bigger question is,

"Does anyone really care?"

Yes people. There are about 3 percent of you that want to hear about this.

So what do you think? Does my newsletter readership go up or down while I am in Iraq?

It goes down. Apathy.

So why write a newsletter that depresses people?

OK. So what?

But... I am personally getting daily more angry. I do not travel to get angry.

I am angry at the general lack of interest and the feeling that people think

I am in someway too patriotic, and so biased that I am totally wrong in my opinions.

I travel to have fun. There is no longer a challenge in Iraq.

It is not even that dangerous. Random Danger YES.

You know. Getting killed by car. Getting killed by one Islamic crazy.

This could happen in France or in Belgium. These place are full of crazies

also. I am working through some real anger at people of the world that

from my interpretaton are only interested in the conspiracy theory life or the

big guy against the little guy and how they feel the victim. Money for nothing people.

The welfare mentality of the world or socialism.