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I am a American first.

I am a Christian Second.

They want to know why I am here.

"I say I am crazy, and I think I may be."

I ask a man today,

"Why cannot the good Muslim people stop the evil ones?

Is evil stronger than your religion?"

He did not like the question.

I was asked all these stupid questions the other night

and they popped on an extra.

"Do you like the Kurdish Women?"

Catch 22. I am screwed on any answer.

If I say yes, they will be jealous and maybe angry.

If I say no, then may think I believe their women are ugly.

I was quick on my feet I said,

"I do not know, there are no women around to say!"

90 percent of my time is looking at men.

What a life. I have better rearrange my travel priorities.

I go to Baghdad on Monday. Only a week more.

I will try to saty one week in Baghdad. Just to be sure that the

Iraqi people are happy to free from Saddam and like the USA.

I am 80 percent sure now, but Baghdad is a different place.

I will then be able to say after one month in Iraq.

CNN and BBC, Aljezeera and all the medias systematically

and premeditatedly positively distort the truth.