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WHERE IS THE WORLD? UN - Business People? Etc

I saw my first UN (United Nations) vehicle today. I was lucky. I was playing with my new camcorder and when I turned it on from the balcony of the Hotel. There it was.

But... It is my first in about 5 days.

I was thinking that this city. Silopi. Would be full of NGO's (Non Govermental Orgainizations) entering Iraq to help provide food and aid. One UN truck.


Entering Syria would be the crazy way to haul food and aid to Iraq.

There does not seem to be any aid. No business people.

A few Iraq people leaving. But there does not seem to be Iraq people entering to live.

This is strange to me.

Not even some French or Germans going in to retrieve some of their weapons... hehehe.

I was expecting this place to be full of "Tree Huggers" and "Save the World" Hippie chicks.

Just me and a bunch of Engineers or people to do wth the trucking of Petro in and out of the country.


I have been to the local restaruant 5 days in a row.

All men and no women.

You have to get married in this country.

That is the only way to talk with women... hehehe.

But I am having a good time. The Kurdish people are some of the funnest and warmest people I have ever met in my 6 years of travels.