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2003-08-07 00:20:00

For some reason today the internet cafe opened late. They are very dependable here in Dohuk. So by chance a business owner or person in charge of a municipal project... ( I will leave out the details on purpose ) invited me into his office.

His English was very good and he talked about the unstability of the areas.

Saying that the various Kurdish cities are squabbling with themselves.

He was calm, and looked at the whole world picture. This is very hard for most people. How can you look at the whole world picture when you have not seen the whole world. A reader of lots of daily newspapers may be able to decipher the closer truth. But television is just propaganda to make people angry. Plus talking bad about something sells.

I ask him what the problem was?

He was frustrated with dealing with government.

He has to plan the budget for his construction project.

Today he make a budget and tommorrow he must change it again.

So the future is not guaranteed.

Do one sure of their job or the future.

There is no clear path of the new government , although I believe presently that Kurdistan Iraq has its own country already. The US knows this, the Arabs know this and no one wants to rub it in their face. So they pretend they are part of Iraq.

I ask him the solution.

1. He wants to know that Bush will not stop.

2. Kill Saddam so his followers stop.

The words,

"Saddam - Ali Babba" resonate in my head. I hear them so much.

This gentleman did not say this, it is the children in the street.

The good part is they feel safe to say this.

Honesty is in the children sometimes. Unedited.