Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


I am finally thinking about the real problems of travel. How to get there? Transportation in a country. The immediate crossing of the border has been at the forefront of my brain. Now I am realizing. I must cross the next country. How? By Taxi? By Car? By Colectivo Taxi? By Bus?

My choice is bus. I do not ever like the other options, and an airplane does not see and feel the country.

A bus is safe because they would normally have to disrupt the whole bus to cause a problem.

Plus I meet normal people going to where the go. This is great. A happenstance meeting of culture and not because I went a tourist locations. I find some of my best friends like the man that gave me the prayers beads. This is always pleasant. Maybe some of you think to ride the bus is to slum it, but in reality it the safest transportation. Renting a car is the most dangerous. You are isolated and the police or criminals can separate you from anyone and abuse or kill. Hard to do with a whole bus load of people.

But there is suppose to be a breakdown of the infrastructure in Iraq. Does this include the bus?

I am thinking that they have the most trouble with salaries. I am not sure that is infrastructure.

Painful yes, but that is another type of issue. People are going and coming from Iraq.

The man from Baghdad said to take the large air conditioned buses. They are the safest.

So if I understood him correctly. Once I cross the boder, I will change in Dohuk to traveling by large commercial bus companies. If they have a toilet and movies then I will have also other opinions.

Being bombed is not to say that before they were bombed that they did not have very high level of road, electricity, water, and other services.