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2003-08-03 03:43:00


I crossed the border today. It was interesting to say the least.


20 Million Lira to some office in Turkey.

20 Dollars USA to Taxi driver. That said he was going to Zaho and did not.

20 Million Lira to somebody. Maybe my Taxi driver getting himself a tip, but on the Iraq side.

DO NOT say you are with the media.

Say Turizm or Trader or Some Job in the USA.

Do NOT take photos at the border... At least not openly.

DO smile and talk to everyone.

No one really speaks English at the border.

The Turkey side is much more difficult then the Iraq side.

If you do not want to understand or answer a question.

Pretend you do not understand their English.

WHAT happened first.

I was corrected. They said is as not Iraq. It was Kurdistan.

I have had 2 people bring up Saddam. Both were happy he is gone.


I believe that as you cross a bridge. Maybe the Tigris river and enter Iraq or Kurdistan as they prefer the terrain turns from the flat wheatland that was before Silopi to a series of small brown dusty rock mountains. Not too high. But barren. There is the same wheat fields in the low areas. The view goes for miles or kilometers if that is the way you think.

There was a drop in the quailty of homes as I cross the border. More mud or adobe brick instead of the red clay brick with the concrete covering. But most of the villages are more in the open.

I entered 2-5 small cities. There was a small bypass it appeared around Zaho.

Upon entering Dohuk my taxi driver. A new one because the other said he could not cross..., was very nice. The other was good. But was typical.. cheat a little type.

The new one took me to the Jiyvan hotel. It appearred to be full of American Soldiers. The seemed very bored and very young. Not too inquisitive. Did not even pay attention to me, but then again. They are young and full of themselves. But they was nice, and all was good.

I went to the reception.


I ask about another hotel. They called the hotel. Found out the price was 25 dollar. I went to the Sulvan or something like that. FULL. I guess the guy did not ask if it was full. Normal menality in most countries. NOTE: Both are either 4 or 5 star hotels. Not that I care. But same ole same old.

The man said,

"We have room tommorrow."

I said, shaking my head.


What do people think. I came here to see their hotel. Always amazes me about hotels. What do they think.

I am not in a nice hotel. Although I do not like that the manager wanted the key when I left. I do have a big armoir or something like that with a keyed lock. I put both my bags inside and came to the internet.

No one seems to care I am here.

The look at me less than in Silopi.

All is good.

My telephone number today is 722-4653

I do not know the country code or city code or any of that type of info.

Best way to find this, is to surf for expensive Hotels in Dohuk.


Thanks from Dohuk, Iraq or Kurdistan.

Most of the Kurds want their own country. But are not rebellious about it, but they do not seem to think they relate to the Turkey people or the Baghdad people.