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2003-08-30 06:21:00

I can go to Basra by train for 1000 Saddam Dinars. That is about 50 cents USA.

This would be a nice and hot trip. All of Baghdad is very freindly to Americans. I am

sure it would be possible to find a few that do not like the USA if I really looked.

Most likely in the Palestine Hotel or in my Hotel. The more the learn, the less they know.

I am really finally not worried about this country. I am sure it there could be civil war.

But that is crap. They are not organized. Maybe lots of riot if the Clerics start telling them

to riot. It is their leadership. The leaders are not good people.

But Basra is close. 4-5 hours. I could take the bus down, and a train back. One man

is telling me that the train goes all the way to Turkey. But his is sort of old. Nice man

but gets his ideas a little confused. He is a Missionary. I am searching the right nickname.

Peter is calling him... "Born Again Bob" He means well. But it probably the Christian version

of a Zealot. He definitely talks about God. I got some great insight about Babylon from him.

He has been all over the world. This is really strange though. I have been in a lot of very

poor places. (Iraq is not on this list. It is rich) and most of the time ... No Missionaries.

But you go to a tourist trap. Missionaries. So Bob is a special Missionary to me.

Actually trying in the worst of worlds to do his job.

I will probably go to Basra, and back by Train. Just sounds too much fun.

But if not. I will go to Syria and up to Istabul. In the end. It is the same destination.

One already blazened and another not too sure. Life is Good.

Do not worry about Iraq. They will slowly sort themselve out. OR self destruct.

To me it a simple problem in the end. A religion made to function very well 2500 years ago.

A good plan for then and MTV and Music Videos will crack the church.

Who wants to remain the same and who wants to change.