Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?


I am going to say it again.

It is difficult to walk in Iraq.

There are just too many people that want to talk with me.

Every one of them is interested in America.

They will buy Tea for me, and stand up and give me their chair.

They will surround me by the dozens if I allow it

Popular questions?

#1 Will you take me to America with you?

#2 Where do you live? What state.

The almost all have a friend or relative in the USA.

#3 Are you Christian or Moslem? Seems dangerous but really harmless.

#4 Questions about movie stars or about the television.

They have only had open television for a couple of months.

Of course music videos are popular.

#5 If the USA is so big, why is it taking so long for salaries and the electricity to be fixed. The electricity is interesting. One man today said that he thought that Sadddam did this to torment the people. The electricity goes off all the time. Every business has a generator and has to alternate between current and the generator. But now it is the same. They do not understand.