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2003-08-23 23:21:00

It is just too stupid. I meet UN people

all over the world. They either are from the country

they are trying to fix or the assistant for the person

that is working to help the country. All the foreign people

are surrounded by locals. The skew the whole concept because

the UN people are either surrounded or from the country.

They will say whatever is needed and steer the UN towards

anything that will get their people more money.

There is WFP is in a country that is a major wheat producer.

(World Food Program)

There is lots of money in Iraq. The UN needs to go to poor countries.

They are sometimes not smart enough enough to know when

they are being taken for saps or stooges.

The specific targeting is proof of the naive trusting

of all their workers. They think that because they are from

a torture country. They are always victims. Most victims

are self appointed. For a good opinion you have to talk

to the person that for the most part refuses to talk.

Would not allow you to interview. Would not be on camera.

The UN is infiltrated with people that need or want to save

their own country or themselves.

I remember my first meeting with a UN person.

I was in Guatemaula. This guy was telling my girlfriend from

Germany how to go to Tikal. Then he goes into how he could take

her and drive his UN truck or they could fly. So here he is

chatting up my girlfriend. I did not mind. She needed to leave.

But this is tacky, and he is explaining how he can go easily.

I wanted her to leave. But she thought this was tacky also.

She said,

"Does he not have to work? Or does he just spend his time

running around in his big truck?"

(SUV - Most people in Guatemaula do not have a vehicle)

I was not able to ditch her, and she just considered me more

noble because I would not even talk with him. I said she could

do what she wants, but to me he was a disgusting representation

of human flesh. Getting all his money from the UN and then abusing

the good faith of people. The UN does more good then bad, but there

is a prevailing problem of living high on the hog, and not being

with the real people. It is an EXCELLENT job except when

they kill you.