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2003-08-25 01:00:00

Since I learned to make WebPages the grammar and spell

checkers have greatly improved. I have used the ones in

word and could see how they could make my writing almost

perfect. Although the real problem is how I think. It is not

as simple and clear as maybe yours.

But nonetheless I could do a better job if I used the spell

checkers and grammar aids.


To make the newsletter work. I need to make a "HARD RETURN"

when typing. That means at the end of each line. I hit

the enter key. This is like the typewriters of old.

This is how I learned and quite natural. The new computer

programs are idiot proof.

I have tried on multiple times to copy and paste from Word

to my newsletter list server or other methods. But in the

end only a "Notepad" or text file works. A "WordPad" does

not. Saving as "Text" does not work. There is also an

inherent software and language problem of transferring

from an English Word program to an Arabic Word Program.

I can copy and paste this "Notepad" text file into a word

program and correct. (I really use WORKS) But because of

all the hard returns. Every line shows a capitalization

error and sentence fragments go crazy. It does do the

spell check pretty good.

Volume of information is a problem also. If you want

a real time log. I cannot spend all my time on form.

I must very quickly log it in, and let the noise fly.

I still miss 90 percent of the interesting events.