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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2003-08-31 10:12:00

I am sitting here in the Palestine Hotel publishing or sending photos to my webpage. I have taken

so many photos that it is going to take about 3 hours or 9 dollars. In Erbil that would 3 dollars.

So I am in the high rent district.

What is interesting is to observe the individuals that come in and use the internet.

There is a woman that I have seen the last few time from TIME magazine and a Boston..Maybe Globe.

I am not sure. She lives in Europe or something. Not clear. There was just 2 soldiers here.

A man from Colorado that is trying to be a carpetbagger. I told him he read Gone With the Wind too much.

It flew over his head and was wasted ammo. But he is buying or has knowledge of scrap metal here.

The locals thieves are robbing all the metal and electrical lines. So there is a smuggling of copper and metal

out the country. When I drive by a scrap yard with the taxi driver he will also point over and say,

"Ali Babba" or Thieves.

There is some raping going on by the western world. All countries. Lots of French, Japanese here.

But the rape is a share venture and I think they consider it polite to not call it rape of the country.

But here I am, and the one guy ask or said I could meet a lot of interesting people upstairs.

Sounds like fun, and lots of crap. But I like to stay anonymous and I get enough talking with the press

in my own hotel and really like to have them think of me as a nobody. Which I am, but I like the ability

to take photos of them at will and make fun at will. Sort of anonymous and under the radar.

I have them in my sites and they do not know.