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2003-08-15 08:53:00

So what do I find on the pull down browser line and on my computer all the time.

Iraq people surfing the sex sites. This is nothing new in the world.

All countries do this.

What may be a little different is the all male sexy type movies.

In Mosul next to my hotel there was 2. More hard core there.

Here in Arbil there is one next to the Internet Cafe.

It shows the more risky stuff, but not the get down to business stuff.

I think the TV, Intenet, and Videos will tear them apart.

I have television in my room. I am at their mercy on channel selection.

There is BBC and I think a couple of German and Italian stations.

Hard to say exactly. Most are Arab or Kurdish.

But I am always able to watch music videos.

The are pretty SEXED up too. The have some of the rapper or gang type

from the USA also.
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