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2003-08-25 01:00:00

This is good and bad.

The locals will revolt for sure.

They do not like the people from Turkey.

This in simple terms is the next tribe up the river

and their competition. They have a history of mass murder

and killing between both sides.

But what this society needs is a tolerance of diversity.

I think they will get it only by the sword.

The will never accept it.


Peter was telling me that and this is only heresay.

I do not know the truth, that Israel encourages Jewish

people in places like Peru to come to Israel.

The need new settlement so there is a constant expansion

of Israel. This would piss off the Palestines.

I am in favor of the wall. I do consider it racist in a way.

But I am not going to say that all races can live together.

The 1000's of years of war in the middle east would prove

this to me. People should learn to live together. But in

places like Ireland and Israel this does not happen.

The do not learn. So if you put a fence up around a race.

Say all the straggler out and stay out this would be a simple

problem to a complex problem. The strange part about Israel

is that it is one of the few strictly one religion countrie

in the world. Or they was formed as a one religion country.

In reality they are not.

But it could be said that most of the Arab countries are one

religion and even though they have a token groups. These

groups are always under the possibility of being exterminated.