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2003-08-15 00:24:00

I am surprised at the rich non-intellectual snobbery in people.
I met a Kurdish man that now lives in Canada.
He was disagreeing with all the policies of the USA.
Telling me to go to Sulamania. Sulamania must be the bright
spot in the country and everyone wants you to only see the good.
I told him my biggest problem is people are too friendly.
Hard to walk down the street.

I said,
"I like to hang around with the average man in the street."
He sees this as bad.
"Normal class system crap."
It is the 95 percent of the population that we are helping the most.
The rich 5 percent are losing their position and wealth.

But you would think anyone would stop reading and walk out
and ask a guy in the street here.

Note, what I do here is much more real than the Soldiers.
They probably only hear the complaints.
The are not beaten people, they are people with 20 years of needs.