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2003-08-07 00:59:00

I met a writer. I really just shook hands with him. He also came across the Turkey border. He said he was a photographer and had spoken with the US or Turkey Embasssy and they said he could not cross. He crossed.

His name was something like Mike McConnel from Maryland. He looked a little Kurdish so who know the whole story. He is writing a book on the Kurdish. Plus for some Russian magazine that is called "EGO" In the USA usage of the word.

But the funny part is this.

I talked with this Soldier that walked in with him.

He said the guy lived in the complex or something like that.

There are a few USA Soldiers based in Dohuk.

They are protected by the Kurdish Pesmerge. Probably spelled wrong.

So this guy is living with them. Curious to find out how and why?

If he came across the border himself.

I ask the soldiers about how the reporters came to Iraq.

He said,

"The CIA brings them in real quick, they do a story and leave immediately."

I have not idea of what the whole story is, but I tell you I have seen 2 non soldiers from other countries. One I look at the mirror at, and this guy Mike.

But... I live in a Hotel that is only Kurdish.

He lives with the Military. Hard to get the feel of a place.

I was asked today very clearly,

"Why go to Mosul?"

I said,

"I want to feel the city."

Not a normal way of thinking about a city, but that is my way.


But to me I refrain from the safe havens.

Too much and I would not have visited the country.

Plus the Soldiers are sort of young for me.

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