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2003-08-06 08:22:00


Talked and answered questions on the radio. I was not sure whether I was talking for one hour of five minutes. But I had enough Dinar in my pocket.

2 questions asked?

What is the attitude of the soldiers?

Bored or very hot walking around with enough clothes for winter.


What do the Iraqi people think of the USA.

There are two distinct Iraqi people.

1. Arabic

2. Kurds

The Kurds love Americans and I think probably 3/4 of the Arabic like the results of the war. The other 1/4 have had the corrupt nipple of Saddam pulled from their mouth and want it put back in so they can resume sucking on their "Mafia" like money.

These people are separated not only by culture, but in some ways there is a defined border around the Kurdish part. Each city so far appears to be a concentration of people and a no mans land in between. I am just starting my trip through Iraq and too early to say, but I believe they live almost totally separated except in the city of Mosul, my next stop.

It is a typical developing country in that what you see is not what is real.

I believe Kurdistan is a country, except for who collects most of the Tax.