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2003-08-26 00:05:00

I get kinda I gonna have a lot of problems when I roam around the mid east like your doing??? I am a girl....woman, I wish I was a guy(for travel purpose only) but Im not. Will I be able to go to Iran, Iraq,Petra, or will I get in trouble cuz Im female???

Much Love & Light

Deborah From Cow Country


This is a difficult question? Will YOU get in trouble?

It depends on how you talk with people and the level that can be diplomatic.

Here is question I pose:

Can you lie all the time?

If you can, then no problem for you.

For me this is always the problem.

If I am totally honest it become dangerous.

People all the time say,

"Say you are from Canada."

That would not do any good here.

I need to say I agree with the Palenstine side to be safe.

I cannot say my opionion. Sadly most of the world can lie on a moments notice.

It is not may way.


The nice thing about men is they think with their [email protected]#$.

So you can more or less wrap them around your finger.

The question is about clothing. If you will cover yourself and not be western

then you probably can be OK. But do you want to be Islamic? Do you want and

is it OK to you that they consider you lesser, or maybe inferior?

It is self esteem questions and how you feel about being treated.

Most people that come here in one way or the other hate the USA.

This make life easy. Just go along. If you love the USA or agree with most of the policy.

Then it is dangerous. MOST is a big point. I do agree with most, not all, but from my

life experience I am positive that the world would be in worst shape without the USA.

That simple.

I think Iraq is much much better to travel in then IRAN. I do not know Petra or where it is?

Turkey in many ways is more Islamic then Iraq. Saddam made this place more secular.

But in the end he jumped on the Islamic wagon.