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2003-08-20 02:25:00

Me and Peter was having a discussion about the Lonely Planet Forum called the Thorntree.

It a place to ask questions, and maybe get answer. In theory it is very good, the problem

is there are people lurking around making comments, and giving advice that is bad.

Sometimes they are business owner that will say something incorrect to sell their Hotel, Tour, or whatever.

This is very annoying to me, and I normally do not use the Thorntree while on the road.

It is just too time consuming and full of misleading advice and also people that are obnoxious.

It ia great idea and works. But could be a huge problem for the novice traveler if you believe

everthing that is said. Me an Peter have been trying to counter some advice that appear to be

a outright lie about the border of Iraq being closed.

As best I can tell. They are all open.

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