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2003-08-25 00:55:00

I am sitting in the internet cafe in Arbil.

Peter ask,

"Where is the picture me on the blog?"

I say,

"It is not in the blog, you need to subscribe to the newsletter to see all the photos."

He says,

"Now I see how you are."

I say,

"I do no understand why people resist doing the easy thing?"

The newsletter is much easier for me to organize and create a comprehensive

display of all links and photos.

I say,

"You all are just a bunch of Wankers."

This is so crazy to me. I make a simple thing.

But they want to just glaze over the information. I do not expect anyone

to read all my newsletter or even sometimes to even look. But it seem

wise to have the information sources available and know how they work.

I really do not like the Thorntree on Lonely Planet. I see it a full of know

it all people and to general. Very difficult for a real traveler. I use it in

Iraq. But the lonely planet does not have any good hotel infomation on

Iraq. So the Thorntree is one of the few possible options.

But I do have a username and password. I do make the knowledge

available. I also put up the wankers blogs. (i.e I hate American Blogs.) When they

are not trying to incite and spread hate, they do tell some specific and

helpful comments. Then they go back to the hate.

"Basically they did not get hug as children. Are not loved now,

except by all the other people that did not get the hug also."

So you want to be famous by getting on Lonely Planet?

Or do you want information?