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2003-08-26 11:08:00


I am reminded of a quote a wise person shared with me


" All journeys have secret destinations of which the

traveler is unaware."

-Martin Buber

In life you make committments and you put forth your best

effort. But you must be watchful and see what shakes out.

Watch to see if the universe supports what you are up too.

Watchfulness and flexibility are as important as commitment

to a goal. You don't have to close the door on it ever

happening. It just may not be the right time. Don't force


There's my 2 cents.

Good luck and godspeed to your next destination, whether

you are aware of it or not.

Mark McMahon

P.S.: I'm stealing your shit. (With credit where credit is

due...) Watch for my Adventure Alert: Who wants to go to



i remember you saying.. insights... intuition.... instincts.... i guess you could go from there... if i was there with you i could help a little more to make up your mind...

peace, love, and happiness to you! i have a feeling you'll be around in a few more days...and if something happens then you won't have to deal with all the people that think you're crazy, and they'l find someone else to mess with their minds! hee hee!

casey form mn.


I am not sure if you promissed, but even if you did don't go unless

your heart is in it

Johnny J

Don't go unless you want to go. Forget about the fact that you

promissed us.



This is very simple. If you want to go to Baghdad then go, if you

don't want to have lost your reason to go, then dont go. Why are you

asking people their opinions? It's your life. Hugs, Yvey