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2003-08-23 23:55:00

This guy's writing makes my blood boil.

person in baghdad (anti US)

another in baghdad

Raed's favorite Baghdad, anti-US newspaper:

after the war, i learned the power was being diverted to cities north

and south of baghdad, especially the south. where as before the war,

saddam deprived those cities of power. much of the source of anger and

resentment in baghdad is probably the result of them getting a dose of their own

medicine. i could be wrong.


Hard for me to be fair to all these blog and pages.

Cost me too much money to read in an internet cafe.

But the other side has freedom.

I should change my tactics. I am sure I could fill you full of anger

and hate, and do like Hitler. Try to get you to hate the USA.

I am sure the silly people from the USA would donate the most.

I am going to just keep on taking photos and enjoying Iraq.

The people love me and my country and that I am positive.

But if I find that in Baghdad they do not.

I will be the first to say.

"Leave this dry desert, and go home."

We killed the leader and the big problem.

So if they want us to leave. Leave.

We did the good deed. We got rid of Saddam.

I do not see that the Iraq people want the USA here that

much. So we could leave.