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2003-08-18 11:09:00

I was so excited to meet this guy I ran right to the internet to publish this in my blog.

There is a guy in my Hotel that does not like the USA and wants to go home.

I have been in Iraq for about 2 weeks, and this is my first person to encounter that does

not like the USA and shows it.

I stopped in the lobby of my Hotel to sit with my friend the owner of Shereen Palace.

He could be manager, but he seems like the owner. He knows about 5 words of English

and I know about 5 words of Kurdish. But we sit together daily and share a Tea.

He is a great guy.

He is a good host and invites people to sit down, shakes their hands and make

them at home. He is about 65 year old is my guess.

Well, I to go and sit down with him. There is a man sitting already with him.

The owner waves his hand in a very small way, but the staff immediately takes

care and brings me a Chi or Tea.

No the guy looks at me hard and says,

"What you do?"

This is good English in this country. Just the minimal number or words.

I say,

"I have webpage."

Then I say,


He nods his head, and acts like he understands.

I have not had anybody understand the word "Webpage" yet, so

I know he is full of it.

He ask me where I am from, and says,


I say,


Pointing at an imaginary map in the air.

I point at Chicago and say,


I point at an imaginary mapy in the air at Detroit.

Lots of Iraq people in Detroit, so they know this place.

I say,


Then I point in between and say,


He is nodding his head, and is not the kind of person to admit he does

not understand, and being that I already think him a complete [email protected]#$H24

Why would I care?

He still wants to know what I am doing.

I say,

"Take photos."

To be polite, and being my friend is next to me, and he is talking

wih the gentleman, I figure I should ask him,

"Where from?"

He says,


I say,

"I go Baghdad."

He shake his head and says,

"No good"

Then the clincher.

"Because America."

I am thinking... hmmm. Let me describe the guy.

He is like a fat policeman from Mexico that wants a bribe.

Arrogant and obnoxious. Probably has a little...?

But this guy has on the white typical south Iraq dress.

The long type shirt. Now this is not a pretty sight.

He must weigh at least 300 pounds.

Unshaved and red eyes, like his blood pressure is up.

I sit and drink my Tea.

This is a no win situation, so who cares.

He talks with the owner, and says,

"Go back America."

I say,


He stares. I wish the owner could have understood, he would have died

of embarrassment for this mans actions.

I ask him,

"Why Erbil?"

He says,

"Global Oil."

It took about 5 time of making him say this before I was sure I understood.

He works for Global Oil.

I was tempted to say,

"Are you up here to blow up the pipelines?"

But he was a soft target, he has big chip on his shoulder and was fat.

I made him repeat,

"Global Oil"

Let me tell you this. People from Baghdad and Arab are not really welcome

in Kurdistan. The let them come up, but I am sure they watch them closely.

The Arabs and the Kurdish have a long term dispute.

They are uncovering mass graves in Mosul right now of the Kurdish people

that Saddam killed. So this guy was suspect.

Well. I waited around for quite awhile. Just to let him know that...

But I was excited.

There has been no clear opinion, even in Mosul of people that do not

like the USA. This is the first.

There was 2 ex soldiers that said,

"Bush Shoe." But nobody says anything about the USA.

So I met my first.

Well... Global Oil?

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