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2003-08-13 07:04:00

I remember saying that after leaving Turkey that Dohuk was cold or not that friendly. I have been reflecting on this. People in Dohuk are in a lot better financial shape. They was not under Saddams control. Plus they have tons of Soldiers there. But the people of Mosul are isolated. Theyn known as the Minni Droppo, and it's shit. I'm putting in some Angry Girl Attitude in here, am I not? I'm tired and sleepy. It's lunch hour. U know what they do in Italy in afternoons like this? They take a break. All the shops close and everyone simply retire for a few hours. I think they should start introducing that concept in this country. In Malaysia too. Bet people would be more productive that way. Phewph..false alarm! Thought my boss is here. He checks on me a couple of times a day if I'm not working with him. His name is Adam. He's really fu