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2003-08-09 03:06:00

It is big normal city in a country that is developing.

The is lots of street crime. This is normal in lots of countries. This reminds me of Peru. Maybe Acapulco, Mexico. Sort of the same level of dirty in the normal streets. They have these nice streets that are clean, but the back streets are dirty. This seem the standard for years. Not a new thing. People that throw trash on the ground. Throw trash on the ground.


What is safe?

To most, nothing is safe. Stay at home please.

Do I want to hang around Soldiers... Not really. They are the targets, if there is a target. They would be an easy target for most. It has a lot to do if whether the locals would help you find a shooter. If they do not, then it is very easy to shoot a Soldier. If they help find the shooter, then difficult to shoot without getting caught. My gut feeling is that these people are helping the American Soldiers as best they can.

If you got the Huevos, you got the Huevos.