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2003-08-04 23:49:00

I have 2 Kurdish friends now in Dohuk.

They both speak better than normal English and can explain a lot.

I had a discussion and was asking,

"Why are people still getting killed?"

He said,

"Saddam has many friends and a lot of money. These friends do not want Saddam to end because their money source will end."

He thinks it will stop when 2 things happen.

1. Kill Saddam

2. Give money from oil to people.

They had a food for oil program and he wants that to start again.

We discussed the various problems with corruption, how to? And other ideas.

I think in a nutshell.

It is not simple from my culture to understand their culture.

I also was explaining about 2nd and 3rd generation welfare in USA.

How they will not work.

It is like the Dole or Dough in most European countries.

The unemployment in USA now is 6.2 percent.

In continental Europe this would be nothing. They double this on a normal basis.

To quote a famous song.

"Money for nothing and the chicks are free."

What the MTV or X generation wants.

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