LONG TERM THOUGHTS - Amman - Paris - India

This culture is a little boring and very modern for my taste.

I am usually in the more remote type countries. Other than

the heavy Moslem culure it is pretty developed.

What is not developed it there riddance of class system

and a prevalent clannish attitude on religions.

This can be very dangerous when a person is defined the first

minute by their religion. This is not tolerance and open mindness.

Not asking the question is tolerance. They want to know for a reason.

So their buildings and roads are pretty highly developed. (Includes Mosul)

Their traditions, religion, and culture are more underdeveloped.

I am thinking of going for Amman, Jordan and flying to Paris.

Then to India, then to Tibet.

I would really like to know if the flights from Amman are cheap.

Istanbul is very very cheap to anywhere.

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