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2003-08-12 00:35:00


are you in baghdad now.. 6 dollars is fine .. how do you get money if no ATM"s if i come it will be threw jordan.. do you agree.. do you need any supplys.. im looking to be a aprintice journalist... i have a security background.. but i blend in well.. i have ben to egypt 2 years many other places to would you rate the danger.. have you had any problems.. what is your nationality.. thanks chad


I brought USA dollars. About 30 for every day I wish to be here.

But 60 would be better.

Entrance through Jordan and Syria is OK.

But the softer entrance is from Turkey.

Start out easy and go in the difficult areas.

I do not know Baghdad. Everyone says not to go.

But I do know that from Mosul up is pretty much OK..

How would I rate the danger?

High but not very high, or extreme.

Like walking down a street in Lima, Peru at midnight.

Not for the panic type people.

Must be relaxed and ready to be friendly. Must disarm their suspicions.

I am from the USA. Born and raise. Cow country. Indiana.

Apprentice Journalist... I am not a Journalist.

I am a Hobo That makes a lot of noise.

Journalist get paid to do this. I get very small donations. If that.

But I do have the freedome to tell the truth, and not need to sell stories of crap.

Andy in Mosul

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