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2003-08-23 23:20:00

My Mother and Father both worked in Factories. My mother

worked for an auto parts factory and my father worked

for a printing factory. Both of their factories closed

their doors before it was really time for them to retire.

But they both got a retirements of sorts, plus Social Security.

I worked on a farm most of my younger years.

Then for a concrete company for a couple of years.

All the children in my family went to College.

I did various things.

But you can send the kid to college, but you

cannot take the country out of the kid. I am by heart

a country kid, and not city kid. I can have some heavy

biases about the city kids, and their McDonalds mentality.

I have a feeling that I can woop any of them easily.

Just part of the country kid mentality.

Went to Sunday school and church, and we pray before

we eat in my family. Most of the big city thinks I am

probably stupid. But my mother and father celebrated 50 years

of marriage a couple of years ago. Are yours still married?

I believe in family, home, and apple pie.

I believe in the American dream.

I am not disillusioned.

I have had my problems. I am a recovering alcoholic

and the USA legal system has taken a pound of my flesh.

I got what I deserved.

I may not socially be quite as developed as the city

kids. They may have a more sophisticated view of the world.

I am not sure? They all want to justify the crazy behaviour

as OK and now what I would call "Fruits and Nuts." They live

in places like California and New York and call me stupid.

So I think they are Fruits and Nuts and they think me naive,

undereducated and stupid. The would call me a "Hoosier" with

delight. It is about the same look as how the Europeans say

"Americans" like we are peasants. But I am also a peasant

in my own country and very proud of it!

But my self esteem is intact. I know at the end of the day

I can kick their A@# and who cares. I also know that when

those good old boys from the coffee shop speak they are like

me, and those good old boys from Texas may seem stupid but

they can do the same. I try to explain about Bush and the

world thinks he is stupid. But he is kicking A@#. I hope

he keep kicking and let God separate them. Sort of simple

in a complex world,

But I told you this story for a reason.

There is an evolution of civilization in all society.

I remember when people made fun of me in my town for

having long hair or wearing shorts.

There are signs of development and civilization.

All people are not the same. That is just political correctness

that can get you killed. Enjoy your self rightousness

and the idea that you are a pacifist.

The USA was born with a war, as was France, Germany,

Japan, and most countries in the world.

There is an intellectual snobbery in the world that has

not got enough sense to call a horse a horse.

But I am pretty sure they know how a Jackass behaves.

I have collected about 200 small signals of social and

economic development in the last 7 years of travel.

Small things like a 2 wheel cart, or a water fountain.

All countries do not have these, and some have more.

One of these days I will finish the newsletter and it

can be tip devoted to telling you how to rate the development

of a country. I do this for fun and I like to observe

how the world lives.

I do not go visit a country, that is for tourist.

I try to go and live in country with the people.

At least I try, so I am here in Iraq.

Trying to see if these good ole boys know how to

behave, or will they learn?

On a side note about my grammar and spelling.

In a lower level of economic and social standing

the ability and emphasis on speaking and writing

is less. The people talk the way they think and want

without any remorse because it is natural.