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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars


2003-08-31 10:23:00

The sell liquor and beer so that is not needed.

But I think traveling in the middle east would be better with a date or a friend.

It is also a "Carry your own" country.

I have label countries either you carry or you do not carry a lot in my newsletters.

I always recommend you carry. This is toilet paper. I do not understand.

I can stay in a 4 star hotel and they do not feel the need to provide.

In the end the simple complications of life are the most taxing on the nerves

and patience. Iraq is an extremely extremely easy country to travel.

The buses and taxis are cheap and easy. All transportation is easy.

The country is small and the Baghdad is in the center. Sort of a wagon wheel and

all revolves around Baghdad. Reminds me of Costa Rica and San Jose.

But the theft is lot worse in San Jose Costa Rica.