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2003-08-25 00:59:00

There has been at least 3 buses of young travelers on a tour

from Baghdad that are now in Erbil. There are lots of young

and beautiful women.

There was a girl next to me in the internet cafe.

"Where are you from?"

"Here is my yahoo email"

"Here is my Hotmail address."

"Will you be in the internet tomorrow?"

I told Peter that was in the booth across from me.

"Pete, there is a God!"

But a little on the mischievous side.

These girls are maybe about 17 and too young.

It is dangerous to talk with them and the boys are

obviously jealous. Just a lot of temptation.

I talk about women and you think I am only selfish or

other. But trust me, in the scope of the world the softness

of women is needed. I am not going to say they are innately

better. But there is a softness that make a harsh climate

and macho world seem balanced. Women are equally violent

and supportive of violence. They do not stop violent