Sofa Surf, House Sit, Meet Friends



2003-08-12 00:45:00

I get up every morning and go the University Street to use the internet. My hotel is at least 20 minutes away and I have to cross the river. It is a nice trip because I get to see lots of Mosul.

I have one of the boys working in the Hotel assist me to choose a Taxi. There are Taxis that are marked, and Taxis that are not marked. The should know the lay of the land a little better. My one friend has written in Arabic the street. So I show the Taxi the card. Show the man 750 Saddam faced Dinar and they nod their head OK.

We go. 750 Dinar is about 50 cents USA. So the Taxis is very cheap. In most countries of this level it would be 1 dollar. So half priced.

I have had very good luck with Taxi driver. They have been great. But this morning the man obviously did not like the USA. This make the morning and the trip a little more tense. He took his hand. Said "America"

Made and X across his hand.

I have no idea exactly what that meant.

I took my 2 index fingers and said,

"America / Iraq."

Like to show that we are married.

He shakes his head no.


Not a lets get over it type of guy.

I look down the road and avoid eye contact.

Maybe I need to club this guy. Who really knows.

But as a normal disagreement and that all it is.

He took me to the street.

I shook his hand goodbye.

He gave me a clam.

I put my hand to my chest and said,


At least I did no harm to the relationships.

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