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2003-08-22 07:37:00

Some of you believe you are being watched.

Most believe that in Astrology and all the mystic crap.

Some of you think a good drug will make you think clearly.

I do not believe any of this crap.

But I do believe in how I feel.

I feel that I am in a good world that like me, and does not want to harm me.

Call it a sense of destiny, or what not, but I do not feel in danger at all.

I am OK, and the world is OK. I am positive though that I am not stupid.

I do not and will not do stupid things. I am not controllable. I will not go along

with a stupid action to be part of the gang. After 7 years on the road.

Only being robbed once for 70 dollars in Thailand.

I am getting that feeling of being the master of this travel thing.

But then again. Who would come to Iraq, if they did not think they could handle the

problems. Plus I think there is probably one of the good Gods watching me.

I have a feeling there are a few bad boy Gods. I am not sure though.