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2003-08-03 07:45:00

This is a foreign concept to Americans, but most countries, including countries including Europe have a class system structure.

I have said in the past that they Europeans give me the feeling that they inherently think the USA is peasants and they are Queens...(oops)

I am here in Dohuk. There is about 3 Mercedes Benz parked in front of the Internet Cafe. I have found most of the people friendly and engaging. Wanting to smile. But... The Mercedes were pulling out. The guy just glares at me.

! I know that look !

In countries that have a heavy rich versus poor.

Dohuk seems unfazed by the war.

Like Guatemaula or even Argentina.

There is a smug look they give people.

The will walk to the front of the line. Cut line, and such.

Dictatorships are about the special and the unspecial people.

USA is terrible lacking in being able to empathis or understand how to deal with class system countries.

But... I am new in the country, and not time to jump to conclusions.