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2003-08-02 22:50:00

Tourism Iraq...

I am excited and waiting for my Taxi to come. This Taxi driver is a friend of Yasar. He is a good guy that has a shipping company. He is helping to send Pre-fabicated houses from Ankara, Turkey to Tikrit for the USA Soldiers. I will cross the border hopefuly with the one taxi driver The driver is a little on the arrogant side and I do not think is very responsible. Greedy yes, but responsible no. Greed though is good thing sometimes. People will work harder for their greed then for normal things. But all is good. He is safe. He has a 2 or 3 gold teeth. I can always sell him.. (Joke) if I have trouble.

Enough money really does solve problems.


I did a lot of work to get this press card from WOWO. They helped me as best they know how. I now find this is scourge of my trip. I had to dump all the information they gave me in the trash this morning. I hid.... Hopefully very good the press card they gave me. I am not press, but more of guy with a group mail that got out of control.

The letter has availed me a way to make money to keep traveling. I am grateful to the people that send money or donate..... Hmmm good time to give you the donate with credit card link... hehehe.

I hope all of you are not too serious. I am just a friendly hobo, that like to travel and meet people. I do not ask you to pay for anything. But if you wish... Bring it on! As President Bush said. Go to this link:

NOTE: My travel expenses have double or tripled, so the help is needed.

Donate to by Credit Card - Thanks in advance.