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This by all signs should be a very poor country.

The social development I have only seen on the Amazon River and

along the Mekong in Laos. In these area it is possible that a tribe could go over

to its neighbor and kill a few people with no apparent reason.

At least not a good reason.

This is what happened today in Kirkuk. Turkman and Kurdish killed each other.

This is about the same a the Democrats killing a few Republicans in the USA,

or similiar to the killing in Northern Ireland. The Catholics and the Protestants.


Both Saddams Mosul and Kirkuk are very well off compared to most countries.

All of Kurdistan is very developed compared to most countries.

What it appears is that they got a lot of money from OIL.

The had a mentality of Mike Tyson and work on the same wavelength.

So you go a lowly street type mentality with a lot of money.

Suseptable to sudden temper tantrums like Mike Tyson. The same type of

way of looking at the world.


They are so wealthy it makes me feel like leaving.

They have no idea what poor is here in the north of Iraq.

Maybe in the south it is different. But my gut instinct says no.

So you give a poor kid a bunch of money and he abuses the world.

Tribes with lots of cash.

They define themselves constantly by their religion, and other subcategories.

Assyrian, Turkman, Kurdish, Arab, PDK etc.

All seem to want to be the leader of the mafia like society.

They are not working on all cylinders. I must be very careful that I do not

overestimate their sense of fairness and justice.

They are very honest also. I have had 0 problem with petty crime

like pickpockets or the cleaning people stealing. Nothing makes me feel

like they rob much. So the whole situation is strange.

Maybe this is the overlay of a heavy hand of Islam.

The religion is good, but fails to monitor its own.

They are still operating on the mentality of the period of the Crusades.

I think 90 percent of the development had to happen in the last 20 years

and before that they was just a step above the "Cradle of Civilization"

Too many crazy things happen.

Like I said. Only in Laos and on the Amazon.

I wanted to stay a night in a small village on the Mekong between

the Golden Triangle and Luang Prakbang. There was this guide boy.

He said it was very dangerous.

The practices some time of Animalism or some worship of Animals and sun gods.

Things like that.

I ask him,

"Why not stay?"

He say,

"The might kill you."

I could not understand the answer and in reality his English was bad

and that is a terrible answer. It does not explain anything.

I finally think I understand. In the social development and civilizing of a

tribe there comes a time when the tribe combines with others until there

is a group or country. The mix and become one. If they continue to define

themselves and behave in a racist manner. They are still tribal.

Thus the reason why people talk about Tribes in Iraq.

Trust me. They do not look like tribes when driving a Mercedes or a Beemer.

These boys have some bucks.

OK. What about Laos.

The village was very simple. They think in terms of suspicions and gossip.

All that has to happen is the gossip goes the wrong way and you are dead.

No real law. Same as Iraq. They have it, but you just go for the hills.

Same in Mexico sometimes.

This is a violent people. Latin Americans are not violent.

Spanish blood is violent. Southeast Asians are violent.

All of the Western world is violent. That is why there are so many laws.

We need them or we would kill each other.

My friend in Mosul one of the school teachers was saying

that there is 3 tribes in Tikrit. I am sure they do not look like

what you think a tribe looks like. But they probably behave like

you would think. Women have almost 0 rights here.

Living proof that people would not handle money the way they

should if they had it.