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2003-08-06 04:49:00

I want to go to Mosul. I can get there easily. I would like to go to SULAMANIYEH where this is a war crimes museum. I got this off the Baghdad Bulletin

Saddam Torture Museum

I am trying to be sure to get the right city.

Sulamaniyeh I think is in the Kurdish part close to the Iran border. The road between Abil and Sulamaniyeh is suppose to be great.

But my route as planned now is:


Arbil or Irbil according to how you spell it.



BUT... I do not jump cities. I jump from Hotel to Hotel.

The soldiers have all the rooms filled and finding telephone numbers for Hotels in these cities so far is difficult. I need to call to be sure there is a room, and if there is not. I keep going to the next city.