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2003-08-07 07:33:00

I have decided to call Mosul for a reservation is more difficult then going there. It is only one hour from here. I will leave for Mosul tommorrow morning very early and with a taxi. I am going to great work in choosing the correct driver, and make sure they understand the goal. Go look for hotel. Find moderate priced one... (Hobo Budget) and stay. If big problems I return. Maybe I will have a reservation. I will look for grouping of civilians to stay close to, or maybe close to the Soldiers. But the city is very big, and my driver will not know Mosul as well as Dohuk. But they normally know where the expensive hotels are located, and I can work my way down.

The taxi trip to Mosul round trip is 20 dollars. I would prefer a bus for road trips. They are less likely to shoot at a bus I think.