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2003-08-04 04:06:00

I have now met maybe 30 soldiers in Dohuk. They are here for R&R. i am trying to place my finger on it, but they are not amused. A little too serious to me, and not remembering to use the American Secret Weapon.

"American Charm"

These boys are in good spirits. Strong, but who would really wants to be in Iraq.

(Besides crazy Hobo like me. But anywhere the guidebook says not to go...)

Too hot, no girls, and too much at a very young age. Life is good, and even in the worst of times and places that little saying still make me smile.

"Life is Good" turn on the Secret Weapon. Make these people laugh.

Always is, and always will be.

Thanks guys and gals.

Met a few women soldiers here.

I sat down today on the long bench of older statesmen. The bought me a Pepsi and we looked at each other and nodded heads. They are a cool bunch of men. I sit down and they place their 2 index fingers together.


"America - Kurdish"

Same sign as when they ask if I am married.