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I was over at my Professor friends. 5 Scholars and a Hobo.

The are telling me all the things the USA should do and sort of insisting.

I finally looked at them and said,


These are not stupid men. Very smart.

It was a wake up. The looked at me and said,


They know history, they know people. They know what Saddam would do

and did to Kurdish people. They know what the Kurdish people did to the Arabic

people on the retreat out of Kurdistand. The know.... too much.

The just had forgotten.

The want money to live. They really have more than most countries.

But they have not been in 48 countries to compare and know this.

But they want it now.

I think they got the idea.

I told my friend.

"Why does 1 American have to die for you?"

He looks down,

I say,

"What do you tell my friend in the USA that had son die here?"

We all agree that Saddam was a devil.

They have not been beaton like in most wars.

My friend said,

"During the bombing by the USA. We went to work, we walked

in the streets, we lived our lives. We knew we were not in danger."

So these are not a beaton people.

They are a confused people who want normal to return.