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2003-08-18 10:43:00

I had two interesting Taxi drivers in the last

week. Upon leaving Erbil for Sulamania the taxi driver

somehow knew the phrase F#$$ YOU.

He started saying this as the taxi left.

When I left, the whole hotel staff came out to

say goodbye, then a group starts to form around the

taxi. So here I am getting into a taxi. The driver

is saying F#$$ YOU and pointing at me, and then saying

F#$$ YOU. Geeesh... please stop.

I hope that no one really understand this and thinks

it is me. He said this the whole way to the "Garage"

as the call the bus or taxi stop. Then we get out

and he starts to tell all the people at the "Garage."

I can say though he did a great job, and helped to

make sure I was safe, and paying the proper price.


I get to Sulamania. Grumpy is my driver. I start to

say Grumpy please smile, and he just keeps being in

a bad mood. He takes me to the wrong hotel.

Luckily there was a person from Canada, that had

returned to visit his family. He spoke great English

and helped me turn Grumpy around for the right hotel.

He even called the Hotel. They said they was full and

there was no rooms.

I said to just get Grumpy pointed toward the city center.

The minute he got close to a hotel he dropped me off

and then left without a care in the world. The direct

opposite of F#$$ YOU.

I visited a few of the local hotels. Too much for the

type of room. The was 40 Kurdish Dinar rooms, or about

4 dollars. They wanted 100 Dinars so I walked to the

hotel I wanted in the start. Even thought they was

full, they mysteriously found a room when I sat down

and waited. It appears that the Hotels in Iraq are screening

all their residents. They say no, and it becomes yes...

Maybe. If you get no, and it remains no.

Could be a personal problem.

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