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2003-08-26 00:19:00

I almost never get to stay in a hotel with CNN.

I really should not watch it, but I am in a hotel for 13 dollars and

it has free breakfast, CNN and no toilet paper.

But I am going to stop watching CNN for my own personal mental health.

I listened to them and get very angry. They just misconstrue the world until

you believe the lie they present in the name of making money.

Frustrations in Iraq.

1. Racist views and the support of Terrorist in Palestine.

NOTE: They do not suport this in their own country.

2. Women are treated inferior.

3. CNN and BBC are lieing.

4. The USA just eat this crap.

5. An obious apathy on the part of 90 percent of my reader of newsletter.

The blog is little different. But the newsletter readers sort of only like the good photos

and the fun story.