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2003-08-22 10:25:00

What is up with all you intellectuals and crazies.

The world has danger. To ignore and not discuss it is just fear.

I write down these ideas and fears for lots of reason.

But most of all as a testin ground. I could make a drastic bad decision.

(Please do not send me a silly email saying. Do not go to Baghdad)

But maybe I am thinking about this wrong, and a person could tell me my mistake

before it got me killed.

I also have lots of experience and sharing that can keep a person safe also.

I am afraids. Mostly of women, but also of the Religous people here.

They appear to be the big problem. The normal Joe Blow on the street is not the problem.

It is that insane person that believe the television and the Islamic leaders.


Talk about the Palestine / Israel problem.

It is obvious that the majority of people are completely racist and want to kill and destroy Israel.

This is almost everyone. Crazy, but it is that racist. They are brainwashed.

The USA support Israel, therefore I am guilty.

So this makes them see white.

Almost all of them. That is the nature of a dicatarship. They want a common enemy.

Reminds you of Hitler?

But if you say you are not afraid.

Stay home and never leave.

I think you have delusions of adequacy.

Everyone is afraid of the world. It is a dangerous place.

I remember laughing and commenting on a guy in the Babylon Hotel saying to me

that I was safe. I was a civilian. Tell that to the dead workers in the UN.

I just this morning has Hassan tell me that Mosul is safe.

He has a complete inablity to have empathy with me. He thinks to himself,

"I am safe, therfore you are safe."

Stupid Stupid Stupid.

This is normal logic. No empathy at all.

When you have guide. Think about how well they understand the USA culture

or the German Culture. Can they think what you feel.

Do you know what I feel?

Or do you spend all you time trying to disagree?

Or are you too afraid to even consider it?

Are you a spectator in life or a player?

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