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2003-08-25 10:06:00

There is a second question besides the "What do you think of Kurdish Women?"

The 2nd question is,

"What do you think of Americas Middle East Policy?"

Now this question could mean about 100 different policies or stance. But lets face it.

It means,

"What do you think of the USA supporting Israel?"

I had fun with the English student..

I said,

"That killing women and children with a suicide bomb is Taboo."

He did not understand Taboo.

I said,

"It is like me having sex with a Kurdish girl you may kill me."

The same. It violates my culture of acceptable behaviour.

I then added.

"Do it too many time and eventually there may be a country missing."

I actually said that statement in a way that my family and friends

and the politically correct would not like.

But he got a little fear look in his eye.

I did not think he believe a person could think that was possilbe,

and I suppose Hiroshima did not think that could happen, as the

USA did not think September 11th could happen, as the UN did not

think that the bombing could happen. What is unthinkable can happen.