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Do the Iraqi people want another dictator?

2003-08-24 00:55:00

Hmmm? Yes they do.

My friend Hassan explained what a Iraq friend did in the new democratic Iraq.

He parked his car in the middle of the street. Blocked everyone and left it.

The idea of democracy is freedom to park you car and having no one tell you what

to do. A leader for the Iraqi people is not democracy. He is the person like

the man in the Mosque that tells them what to do.

The expect to have the new boss. They want the new boss soon.

Someone to stop the mess. But Democracy to them has nothing to do with

the boss. The just think the boss will fix the problems, and they can do anything

they wish. Including complaining and sitting on their butts.

Freedom is not being told what to do.

Democracy and freedom are always grouped together.

Democracy is a type of government.

If you have never had a democracy. How would you know what it is?