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2003-08-15 00:23:00

I am not sure if I have said, or talked about the amount of time
one should visit a place. The normal tourist or traveler stays maybe
1-5 days in a location. This could be longer at resort locations like
a Cancun or such, but the normal touring destination is short.

If by chance you are touring a location like Iraq or a place where
the people are extremely different than your own culture. They will
sometime start rumors or they will become paranoid. They will gossip
and come up with possible scenarios for why you are there.

So for me, in Iraq I start to get a little nervous after the 5 day
period and know it is time to move to the next location. This puts
pressure on me, and I do not like this, but it cannot be avoided.
Staying too long also give the crazies time to get a good anger
going, and time to plan. But out of sight, and out of mind.

If you are actually wanting to investigate something. Then it
may be best to change the area, or the Hotel. I do the same for
lots of regular thing. Like where I go to internet, and eat.
I am not regular or routine. I mix it up.

Do not appear rich. The Jakarta Hotel bombing of the Marriot and a few
attacks on hotels in the Philippines in the past year have proven that being in an
expensive Hotel can be fatal. The anger in life is most often
just rich against poor. You way you are not rich. Trust me,
if you are from any western country, you are considered rich.
I like to ask them..?
"Do I have a dollar sign on my forehead?"
I fight and discuss the price a lot.
I want to be equal. An equal will ask about the price.
A person that thinks they are in anyway superior will not.
If you want to be generous, be so with old people beggars
or those with no legs or arms.