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2003-08-14 11:03:00

I make me furious to read this article.

Ignorant CNN Article

I have friends here in Iraq. I have not met anyone that wants the USA to leave.

They are frustrated. They are very very happy Saddam is gone.

I have children pretending they are Saddam and mocking him photos on the Home page of my site. Click Above to show.

The people here are frustrated.

Send home her son. He sounds like he has been measure and weighed.

Is not a keeper.

I am in favor of stopping or slowing down the patrols.

They are liberated. We can let them be the police force, and come out when needed.

Work on the electricity and a good airforce base.

Leaving before we finish is the biggest fear they have.

The Arab neighbors and Saddam are paying for the attacks.

It is not the locals.

The press of the world is causing more problems than Saddam.

Like Saddam they are the weapons of mass destruction.