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2003-08-26 10:56:00



screw the sand devils,if they cant make up their own

minds about people and wars over the past 5000

years,then why should you be so concerned,go to the

beach and enjoy.

was that bagdad or jus bad-dag no reason to waste your

time or money going to a place the neither you or they

want to be..

if lifes not a beach and the beach is not full of

friendly women,FORGET IT.....Bob B in Iquitos


Hi Andy,

I say forget about Bagdad. The heat alone is enough to give it up. I've

just come back from Dubai and Egypt, and I understand that Iraq is at least

as hot, but humid as well. They are having problems with their water

supply, which makes the idea even worse. You need access to water in those

temperatures! Turkey sounds like a much better idea. It will still be stinking hot,

but at least you will be able to get water more reliably. I've also heard it

is an amazing place, and I'm sure you won't get bored there.

Good luck in your decision,




You are a Hobo not a war correspondent. That is a job. A job is what I am supposed to be doing now, not talking to a Hobo. Why don't you go find paradise where you can live off the land for almost free, like Thailand after the war and before tourism. Only tell me and my wife about it though please. oo here comes the boss see ya. Scott still holding the Fort (Wayne).



Get the fuck out of Iraq. You are crazy to be there. While clearly you know more about the situation there than I do, I do read the papers and watch the news. There's no disputing the fact that soldiers are dying there. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for some zealot to decide to shoot some crazy blond headed American who's been wandering the streets taking pictures. Or maybe you'll get lucky and they'll just take you hostage. And for what purpose do you take this risk - because you told people you were going to Baghdad? You have nothing to prove. Sounds like you're miserable there anyways. So go somewhere else.

As for Syria, why bother going there for two days? So you can add another country to your list of visited places? So you can sit around some table on Kao San Road and wow some deadbeat backpacker with tales of your time in Syria?

You'll make a lot of your friends happy if you leave sooner rather than later and we return to reading about more pleasant and less dangerous travels. There's an old Chinese proverb that goes something like this: "Beware of living in interesting times...."




Lots of hugs, Stay safe,



Dear Andy,

Part of being a hobo is the freedom to change your mind; so, do NOT

go to

Baghdad. There is no longer any reason, and you have many more


options.....there, just my opinion...........

Your friend,

Carolyn E Ft. Wayne


I wouldn't go to Baghdad! Plenty of other places to check out, why go


such an unstable area?

Doug B


Hello Andy ,

I have been following you ....on the web site... for the last 2-3 weeks...! I enjoy every single word you report from the fields through your heart , mind and ego...! I feel , you are tired of the culture you are travelling in...these days. Which I understand , since my-self have been living in this culture for 1/3 of my life. Thus take a "unpaid" holiday....connect with women and soon you will be refreshed to accomplish your mind's goal....! Do not forget the mind is not you....! I'm in Dubai now and will head in about two weeks to Goa India. love , Nirav+++


I'd say if you've no strong reason for going, head out

and go somewhere you want to. As it sounds like you've

already got plans to do. Otherwise it sounds like

you'll be in Baghdad purely because you said you

would, and therefore not enjoying, observing, and

making the most of your visit.

Safe travel,



ANDY, we can think of plenty good reasons NOT to go to bagdad but none

in favor of going. as your dad said to me in the night when we got your

e-mailWELL I think Andy is safe for one more day because he is not

going today. he woke me up to tell me this so you know what we think lots of

love and many prayers mom dad


Hello Andy,

It's been a long time to write and decided to reply when I've seen your

today's mail. Well, in my humble opinion, it's no good going to a trip

for Baghdad even if it has got lots of cultural and historical buildings

(or ruins, bah!) for sightseeing. Meeting with local people may be good but

on the other hand, many of them are still loathing USA and in this very

time soldiers haven't provided security very well, yet. So it won't be so

fun walking about at Baghdad in these conditions, i guess. But of course

the decision is yours; it's up to you. Take care of yourself and good luck


Dear Brother Andy,

As your brother, I would support you 100% in whatever endeavor you

attempt in life as long as it was holy and just because of my love for you and

my prayers would be with you always, but, as a brother and a parent with


I would request that you not go to Baghdad without a definite mission

because too many families have lost loved ones already. ( although with

good reasons) Your mother and father have prayed for you daily and have

devoted their lives to serving their family, and I look forward to whenever the

"family" gathers so I know what they feel. I have experienced the

loss of someone I loved, (although under different circumstances with life

afterward being blessed abundantly) and it changes things forever. As our

family, we want to continue to experience the reunion of coming home and the joy

of sharing our experiences in life that we have been so blessed. Life

without mission can needlessly harm the ones left behind, so on behalf of many

who love you, move on to other adventures with a mission. Nothing is ever

guaranteed, except the love of God and that your parents and family

love you and look forward to seeing you again. May the love and protection of


Christ, follow you wherever you go.

Your brother, Jerry


yep....time to move on when you are loosing touch with remembering......need to stay alert to survive.

sure enjoy your photos.


i think you have already answered your question.

you are bored with the country and are ready to move on to other lands.

go with your instinct !!

you have made your mark....leave while the mark is fresh and good.

happy trails.



this is your trip, your time and your $$$. if you

don't want to go somewhere, nothing there you want to

see, then don't go.

my opinion




The only good reason you have for going to Baghdad is that you told

everybody you were going. Apart from that... So will you feel "obliged"

to go while you don't want (because you have no desire at all, it shows)

and show your nose just to be able to say : "been there, done that !" or

you'll do what you really want to as you said it was your only motto...

If you don't want to go to Baghadad, only want to spend 2 days in syria

and no day in Jordan ........