I played basketball when I was younger.

I remember my coach jumping from the bleacher and running to me saying,

"Do not force the play!"

He was my 8th grade coach.

I have never forgot this, and know that patience is important.

Most travelers feel a need to see or go fast. Like the world will miss them. Like there is a better place ahead. This is dangerous and childish at the same time, saying in reality.

"I want what I want, and I want it now."

I could probably move 5 time faster, and am probably more equipped then the normal traveler. But what is the goal. To be where quickly. I want to enjoy this sojourn and not feel like I am working. I am having fun, and being a child in a good way.

I do not force the play to happen, I wait for the good life to come to me... hehehe

Life is good.

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